There could be a certain time in our life when we could witness someone in a serious accident or a life-threatening situation. Our instinct is to come to this person’s aid and try to save his/her life while waiting for medics to respond. But if we lack life-saving skills or first aid such as the first aid CPR training in The Bronx, New York, we won’t be able to do anything else apart from calling for medical help. Below are the reasons why we should learn first aid.

  • First aid can save lives.
    According to Red Cross, around 59% of deaths from injuries and accidents could have been avoided if first aid were given before the medical team arrived. Administering first aid such as those taught at ACLS training in New York could spell the difference between life and death.
  • First aid minimizes recuperation time.
    Performing first aid on someone with serious injury plays a significant role in that person’s chances of recuperating. First aid plays a big part in whether or not the injured person will have a temporary or permanent disability.
  • First aid shortens hospitalization.
    When there is early intervention because of the application of first aid, chances are that injuries are prevented from becoming more serious. If the seriousness of the injury is lessened to a great degree, hospitalization time will be minimized as well.
  • First aid enhances awareness and lessens our proneness to accidents.
    When we learn first aid from certification services, we become more knowledgeable about possible dangers and medical conditions. This improves our awareness of our health and makes us better at taking care of ourselves, family, friends, and other people.

At MedLife CPR, LLC, you will learn the very important life-saving skills in first aid. Make yourself certified to administer first aid and save lives.


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