Being alive is a blessing. But there are unexpected situations that are life-threatening such as drowning accidents, serious illnesses like stroke or cardiac arrest, and many more. In most of these situations, it’s possible to save the people involved if we know how to apply first aid to them or CPR. Let’s look at the following reasons why CPR training is important, such as the first aid CPR training in The Bronx, New York.

  • CPR saves lives.When we happen to be in a place of an accident, the best thing to do is to call 911. But there are cases when the time spent waiting for medics is very precious to save someone in a life-threatening situation. If we have been certified to perform CPR, we will have the confidence and effectiveness to use these skills to assist the victim till the medical team arrives.
  • CPR empowers us.Emergencies that need CPR do not always happen in public areas. About 85% of heart attack occurs at home. Each family member from children to adults should take basic CPR certification from certification services to prepare for desperate situations. It helps to think that if ever our children encounter serious accidents and become unresponsive, we can do something that could save their lives while waiting for the first responders to come.
  • CPR is useful for certain professions.Some professions require CPR certifications, especially those in the field of health care. Though some occupations do not require us to be certified in performing CPR, those certifications are given importance in all companies. It may even give our resume an edge and help us have an interview with a possible employer. The same can be said of other life-saving skills, such as the ACLS Training in New York.

MedLife CPR, LLC values the importance of CPR in preserving life. That is why we have created a training course aimed at fully equipping anyone interested in having CPR certification.

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