Saving a life does not always happen in the emergency room and contrary to what we immediately picture, one can save a life without complex equipment and other tools. It is amazing how simple knowledge executed immediately can prevent serious consequences. It makes sense to learn about basic life support as it empowers us to save other people and ourselves wherever we go and whenever it happens.

If you are committed to learning basic life support, MedLife CPR, LLC provides different Certification Services for you. Whether you are looking to build a career or for personal development, our courses are designed to help students absorb concepts better and translate these lessons into the actual environment.

Our Adult and Pediatric CPR program is the common cardiopulmonary resuscitation we see during critical situations. A person’s breath or heart can stop due to a variety of causes and if anyone is skilled to perform CPR, the patient’s brain function is preserved until the medical response arrives. Learn more about this and enroll in our First Aid CPR Training in The Bronx, New York. It is also important to have basic insights about other cardio emergencies of which we provide sessions.

Rescue situations call for quick thinking and students learn what to do in our Two-Rescuer Scenarios and Use of the Bag-Valve Mask sessions. Students are prepared to have the mental fortitude to remember helpful skills and act with efficiency.

Are you interested in ACLS Training in New York? Visit our website for the complete list of courses.


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